Förderverein TSV Oberbeuren



IDEA. This is an oranisation for young soccer generation in Oberbeuren. Based on the youth soccer coaches‘ idea sup- porting the youth work in their soccer club it was established in 2012. Catching the attention for the organisation and affording a huge finacial support a web presence was created.

DESIGN. The appearance is connected to the print campaign and the logo.

Interfacedesign Sense up

Sense up


IDEA. Sense up provides a counter-trend to the current social media lifestyle. The transmitter of sense up enables users to apprehend the sense of feelings. These impressions are able to be posted on the plattform, so that other users can share the moment. Thus instead of posting informations in an un- controlled manner emotions are in the focus.

DESIGN. Elements are based on organic forms. The simplicity allowes an easy handling of the plattform.




IDEA. Within the scope of the project in the modules ‚corporate media‘, ‚interface design‘ and ‚Internet Publishing System‘ (IPS) an analysis and a redesign of the ecosign university‘s website was proceeded.

DESIGN. The analysis showed up a fault in the useful content structure. The communicational idea of released people was seized but improved with the use of an so called ‚ecottchen‘ which is a guid throuhout the website (see below!).

Zungengold - vimeo channel


IDEA. The campaign ‚Zungengold‘ is about animating the young generation to make use of the german phrases, which are getting rid of the common parlance. To catch the attention we made a showreel about german phrases and created a vimeo channel to make it popular to everyone.

DESIGN. The design is following the style of the 1950s and 1960s. The style will remain in the young generations‘ memories, because of its abnormity and it also characterizes the main actors.